Oh no! It's broken!

We'll try to help

Is there no video at all?

You might need the flash player, which you can get here: Flash Player

Try installing that and see if things start working better.

Most of the videos can also stream via the HTML 5 protocol, which is nerd speak for 'upgrading to a new browser might help.' Granted, this might be a lot of work for a few videos and if you're still rocking Internet Explorer 7, you probably have a good reason. If you would like to upgrade, here's where to start: Browse Happy

Most of the videos work, but some of the older ones don't?

We used to stream video using the Real codec. We don't anymore, but some of the older videos still require the RealPlayer. Pay attention while installing it though: RealPlayer will try to give you toolbars and who knows what else. It isn't dangerous for your computer--but it is annoying. There's a reason we stopped using it.

Anyway, you can get it here: RealPlayer

The lip sync is off, there's no sound, etc.

Try refreshing the page. If that doesn't work, try restarting your browser. If that doesn't work...

Help desk phone number: x4050 on campus